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This could be a life changing experience and place limitations on your freedom, employment opportunities and reputation. These situations require the services of an experienced legal practioner to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Rachel Stubbs & Associates have dedicated criminal law staff who represent clients in the Local, District and Supreme courts of New South Wales.

We represent clients for guilty pleas and in defended hearings across a broad range of criminal matters.

  • We will provide you with clear advice in relation to your matter.
  • Simple cost agreement
  • Written confirmation of our instructions
  • Efficient management of your matter to reduce costs.

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100 Argyle Street, Camden, New South Wales 2570
Wollongong Office
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Level 3, Suite 301b, 43 Burelli Street Wollongong NSW 2500
Bowral Office
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Suite 11, Gibraltar Square, 338 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW 2576


Client Testimonials

That you Rachel for running my appeal in The District Court (severity appeal). That was a great outcome. I should come to you to start with.
B Creigh – Ingleburn
Thank you for running my case. The minimum was the best that I could expect, that’s was what I got. Thank you Rachel. (High Range PCA)
Name Witheld - Camden
Thank for defending my AVO, your direct advice I now know saved me both time and money
E.J Thompson - Kiama
I was shocked at how intimidating the experience was, your support was appreciated
Wes - Colo Vale
Thanks you for fixing my fees, it was good to know how much it would cost up front and I could prepare for the outcome.
Michael M - Ambervale
Ngoc, thanks for your support in this matter, (section 9 bond)
C Bayliss - Picton
that was a great result … Thank you ( Section 10 Mid range PCA)
Carlos - Wollongong